Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I am delighted to welcome you all into what I hope will be an exchange of new music & new ideas about music.

As you all know, the concept is to make a mix tape of what music you like, make copies for each member of the collective & eventually exchange.

To clarify a few issues:
  • Your Mix does not have to be on tape. It can also be on CD
  • Feel Free to do your own artwork, liner notes and title.
  • You should aim for 60 minutes or less on your recording.
  • Your tape does not have to be genre or theme-specific (but can be if you want it to be).
Remember, at its core the Melbourne Mix Tape collective is about your sharing your passion for music. This is not a competition, so make it your own and let it reflect your own taste.


New Site

I have started this site due to not having access to update the original site ( I hope this will be a compliment the original webpage. The original site will be updated in August 2005.