Sunday, July 23, 2006

Many Thanks!

Mara here. I have four lots of thanks so here goes……

1. Thanks to all those who made their mixes, covers and copies. It’s an absolute delight to get the stack of music. I have listened to 5 cds already, and am loving what I'm hearing.
2. Thanks also goes to those who were able to come down to the Town Hall Hotel to do the exchange, it was great to see you.
3. Thanks to our newcomers Mary, Festy and Matthew H. Brilliant to have you involved.
4. Special thanks to Megsie and Woody for being so organised, and sending their ace covers and copies in time for the exchange all the way from Bangkok. Your effort is truly appreciated.

For those who were unable to make it, I have 2 ½ stacks of cds left, so if you are still interested in participating in the mix tape collective this year, please let me know ASAP.

Thanks again to this years participants for a 5 star effort!

Friday, June 30, 2006

Next mixtape collective exchange

Mara here.

Thanks for everyone who let me know if they wanted to participate this time around! The responses have been excellent. We now have 15 members.

The idea: Make a mix tape, copy it 15 times (includes a copy for you- this may be amended, but I will let you know before the mix tape collective date).

Submit your mixes at the exchange. (If you can't be there, alternative arrangements can be made). Once the exchange is completed, you will have a mix cd of each of the other members in the collective. This means that you will go home with 15 cds of new music!

Answers to FAQ's
  • You can do your own cover art.
  • The Music needs to come from your collection.
  • Your mix should be around 60 mins - but can be as long as you like.
  • You can submit using a mix tape or cd.
  • You can title and theme it- whatever you like.
  • Exchange date – Sat 22nd July at 3ish, location advised by email.

Any questions, shoot me an email. You have the address!



Friday, September 02, 2005

Updating Website

Due to updating this website playlists are not linked.
If you want to See them go to Playlists.
Sorry all.


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Stupid Stats

The most popular group/artist to appear on more than one mix

The first MMTC I made a list of artists that had appeared more once on any mix cd. But I never got around to doing MMTC 2. Also I have made a list of the Artists from 1st and 2nd meeting.
1. Multiple Artist/Group on one CD mix only counts for one appearance
2. Artists/Group that has appeared a different comp. but by the same aurthor is ok.

3 – Pulp, Stone Roses, Velvet Underground , and You Am I
2 – Ash, Bob Dylan, Death Cab for Cutie, Elastica, Hoodo Gurus, Modest Mouse, New Order, Pavement, Phoenix, Rocket Science, Roxy Music, Smudge, Sonic Youth, Teenage Fanclub, The Beach Boys, The Detroit Cobras, The Essex Green, The Libertines, and The Rolling Stones.

3 - Flaming LIps
2 – Beck, Bob Dylan, Tim Buckley, Gomez, Spiritualized, The Byrds, and The Rolling Stones

MMTC 1 & 2
4 - You Am I, Flaming Lips, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan

3 - Teenage fanclub, Velvet underground, The Beach Boys, Stone Roses, Stereolab, Spiritualized, Sonic Youth, Pulp, and Gomez.

2 – Wilco, Warren Zevon, Tom Waits, Tim Buckley, The White Stripes, The Stooges, The Libertines, The Clash, The Charlatans, The Byrds, The Black Keys , The Beatles, Smudge, Sebadoh, Ryan Adams, Roxy Music, Rocket Science, Pixies , Phoenix, Pavement, New Order, Mogwai, Modest Mouse, Mecury Rev, Lucinda Williams, Hoodo Gurus, Even, Elastica, Eels, Death Cab for Cutie, Cat power, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Belle and Sebastian, Beck, and Ash.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Lee`s Mix (Liner notes)

I know not all of you have it yet but anyway, I didn't include any notes in my compilation, "Not Tested On Animals", so I thought I'd write some here.

The comp. was initially going to be a lazy Sunday afternoon record. My idea was to start with some slower songs and then gradually build up to the more uptempo stuff by the end. I guess I kind of achieved that but in the end I don't really think it's the laid back kind of comp. I envisioned. It's definitely more easy going then my last one though.
In the track sources, I left out that Etta James' "Tell Mama" is from 1968. The version I put on is from a brilliant comp. called "Chicago Soul" which was put out last year by the masters of compliation albums, Soul Jazz Records.
This song is also on Etta's amazing Tell Mama album that came out in '68, albeit in a very slightly different mix. If you like this song, the album is a must...great slow blues mixed with classic uptempo Southern r&b/soul stuff. Recentley remastered and expanded with awesome bonus tracks.
Golden Smog was a superband made up of members of Wilco, Big Star, Soul Asylum and The Jayhawks.

The Rolling Stones song is Keith on vocals. A bit obvious but I thought I'd mention it anyway just in case anyone thought it was Mick with a respiratory problem :-)

"I haven't got any illusions about anything. Having said that, I still want to try to change things." - Joe Strummer [The Clash]