Monday, June 27, 2005


Thanks to everyone who participated in the mix tape exchange!

It was great to see some familiar faces, and will be even better to listento the mixes! Sadly not everyone was able to make it, so I haven't recieved all of theCD's. Fortunately I was able to collect for those who were unable to makeit, so I have got a massive bunch of cds for any no-shows or latesubmitters - & i've even got enough if anyone has to changed their mind.

Again Thanks to everyone who is a part of collective. Personally I findthat It is a great opportunity for me to learn so much more about musicthat I would not have known about, if it wasn't for the collective, so I amso very grateful to everyone for all of the submissions.

For those who were unable to come yesterday, shoot me an email so we canfind a time to swap our

Once I have recieved the remaining cds, I will arrange to pass on the restof the CDs to everyone else

Bye for Now



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