Friday, June 30, 2006

Next mixtape collective exchange

Mara here.

Thanks for everyone who let me know if they wanted to participate this time around! The responses have been excellent. We now have 15 members.

The idea: Make a mix tape, copy it 15 times (includes a copy for you- this may be amended, but I will let you know before the mix tape collective date).

Submit your mixes at the exchange. (If you can't be there, alternative arrangements can be made). Once the exchange is completed, you will have a mix cd of each of the other members in the collective. This means that you will go home with 15 cds of new music!

Answers to FAQ's
  • You can do your own cover art.
  • The Music needs to come from your collection.
  • Your mix should be around 60 mins - but can be as long as you like.
  • You can submit using a mix tape or cd.
  • You can title and theme it- whatever you like.
  • Exchange date – Sat 22nd July at 3ish, location advised by email.

Any questions, shoot me an email. You have the address!




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